Contract Manufacturing or OEM

Based on our experience in custom synthesis and the lab-scale manufacturing of a range of nanomaterials,NANOWINGS has the ability to take up and implement the projects related to contract manufacturing. We develop innovative solutions to meet the specific product requirements of our customers. Range of project scales depend on the form of the nanomaterial to be made. In case of nano dispersions or fluids we can offer the customized products from millilitres to couple of kilolitres. In case of powder form of nano materials, we can offer the nanomaterials in the range of milligrams to 10s of kilos – with a certain lead time.

We adopt multi-disciplinary approach to develop custom nanomaterials for commercial, academic and government clients. We rapidly generate innovative solutions to most challenging R&D problems in the areas of Agro, Pharma, Electronics, Material Science, Defence and Aerospace applications. During the past 2 years, we’ve successfully completed more than 50 custom manufacturing and collaborative R&D projects for academic and industrial companies. Please Contact Us to find out more about our capabilities and expertise.

Why choose NANOWINGS?
We select performance metrics based on the requirements of the final product, and identify the critical parameters for the development of high yield, scalable and reproducible manufacturing methods.

Our partnership, as well as all work and data associated with the R&D effort, will remain fully confidential.

Whether you work for a government agency, non-profit foundation, academic institution, or commercial business, NANOWINGS can help you. To put us to work on your toughest challenges, please contact us.

As part of our vision we also wish to be of assistance to the budding start-up companies that need to rapidly take a concept through prototype and production. Due to the decent merge of Science and Engineering disciplines at developing new and innovative ‘tech’ products, is a continuous process.