Do you offer the nanomaterials in powder and dispersion forms?

Yes. We do. Please refer to our product list on the home page.

What is the difference between the nano dispersions and nanfluids? How they are prepared?

There is no difference. Both are synonyms. Nano fluids are prepared by dispersing the nano-powders in the continuous media (a two-step method). They are also made directly in the
fluid medium (one step method). The single step method results in more stable materials.
For further details, please refer to the articles in the reference section1,2

How do you (Nano Wings) prepare the nanofluids/dispersions?

We generally employ the first method to prepare nano dispersions. But nano fluids such as
Nano Silver, Nano Copper and Nano Copper Oxide are made by employing both methods.

Are these materials available as ready stock or do you customize them?

Except few, majority of nano dispersions/fluids are custom made as per the desired
specifications of our customers. But keeping in view the requests made by majority of our
customers, we are planning to make few more nanofluids in the form of ready stock

For customization of Nanofluids what details do we need to provide to you?

For custom synthesis of nano fluids, you have to let us know the following details.

 Name of the nano material and its concentration (w/v or w/w)

 What is the base fluid in which the nanofluids has to be prepared. For example, water,

ethylene glycol etc.

 If any surfactant is needed then, its name and concentration (w/w or w/v or v/v).

 Finally, the total volume of nanofluid required.

Do you provide nanofluids with the concentration of nanomaterials in ‘ppm’ level?

Yes. We do. Please refer to the small note for ppm calculations.
At room temperature, the density of water is taken as 1 kg/L. That means one litre of water
has a mass equal to 1,000,000 mg.For example if the mass concentration of the nanomaterial required is 1 mg, then 1 mg/L is 1 mg/1,000,000 mg or one part in one million, shortly 1 ppm.

Do you offer only water or aqueous based nanofluids or other solvent based fluids also?

We can custom make a wide range of nanofluids, as per your requirement. Please discuss about your requirement with us.

How stable are your materials?

Our nanomaterials offered in the form of powders are stable at room temperature and dry conditions. We offer a minimum stability period of one year. For nano dispersions the stability period would vary from 2 weeks to 6 months.

We wish to buy the material from you. But do you offer Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and/or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for that product? Can we also get the data images?

Yes. We do. You can download them from out site @ Technical Info. In case, if you do not find what you are looking for, then please contact us. The data images are either made
available on our site as images or they are offered in the form of CoA.

How do you process the order?

Once we understand your requirement, we offer a quote with payment details. Once the payment is made we initiate processing your order. When the material is ready, we dispatchit to the address provided by you by DTDC. We also have the option of BlueDart for certain
destinations. Once dispatched, we share the tracking number through email.

How can we make the payment?

There are different ways of doing the payment. But, we encourage our customers to make the payment ONLY through NETBANKING or online using our a/c number and IFSC code
details. The payments can also be made through “paytm”.

Can we come to your office or lab to purchase the materials?

NO. We do not do any over the counter sales.

Is there any place in India that you cannot or do not supply the materials?

We supply the materials through length and breadth of India.

Do you supply the materials to international destinations?

With certain limitations, we do. Please discuss with us about your requirement.

How fast do you dispatch the materials?

All the Ex-stock materials are dispatched on the same day of receiving the confirmed order(i.e., receiving the payment from the customer). We have an impeccable track record of in this regard. Our customers are 100% satisfied. Once dispatched usually they reach the destination within 2-5 working days depending upon the distance.

The package is misplaced or damaged. How do you respond? Do I get a replacement or refund?

You have to get in touch with us, as soon as you realize about the misplacement or damage.We would ask you certain questions. On satisfactory response from you, we would
immediately arrange for the replacement, without any extra charges to you.In case of Ex-stock materials, the replacement can happen immediately. But for customized materials, it would take time.